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Simplified Resource Management
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Why thousands have
chosen Orangescrum

Why thousands have chosen Orangescrum

Always know what your resources are occupied with

Resource Availability provides you crisp answers on who is working on what, when and for how long along with the resources that are underutilized.

So you know, what will be accomplished today, this week or a month from now and how much new work you can take up.

The features help you to achieve this:

  • Resource Availability
  • Resource Utilization
  • Leave Management
  • Weekend & Holiday Management

Orangescrum solves problems that every
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Assign Project using Skill Now assign projects to your resources using their skill. No more struggle to memorize each employee's name and their skill. By using the skill filter, assign projects with ease. Learn more

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What is Resource Availability?

Resource Availability is one aspect of resource management that tells you how are your resources booked & available currently. You can see all your project resources have been assigned work adequately, are idle or overloaded. Thus allowing for a robust resource plan to get high productivity rates.

What is Resource Allocation?

Resource Allocation gives you additional details at a project and resource level in terms of allocation. You quickly know who is allocated on which projects for how long, when they will be back in the resource pool to be repurposed. Thus you can prevent execution bottlenecks and resource conflicts.

What is Resource Utilization?

This critical report is all about how your team spent their time across projects and tasks. You get the ability to deep-dive into the specifics of planned vs actual, billable vs non-billable, which task types consume the most of your team’s time and most importantly identify nonbillable activities that can be reduced.

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