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About Us

As a software development company, we know the pain of managing projects via emails. We wanted a software/tool - to manage projects more efficiently, to have quick communications and to become more productive.

We tried with different project management and team collaboration tool. As our projects grew over the period, we looked for a way to help us manage projects effectively and meet our client's expectation. We could not find one tool to answer our worries.

Than we decided to start building a project management tool. In less than 30 days we build our own project management tool. We gave the name as "TheOrangescrum". Because, our daily scrum meeting became easy with TheOrangescrum.

Interestingly like Facebook, later on we removed the "The" from "TheOrangescrum" and renamed it to "Orangescrum".

Orangescrum gives an eagle's-eye view on the productivity and progress of your projects and team

In no time Orangescrum attracted small and medium businesses from an array of diverse industries, not limited just to software/consultant firm.

We took the good feedbacks as appreciation and the bad feedbacks as lessons. We learned a lot over the period and trying to make it really powerful.

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