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Build custom fields and custom forms for your projects and tasks to keep track of everything. Keep track of your project's progress with the extra data you need, all in one tool.

Keep your Tasks Organized
with Custom Fields

Be in control of your work's progress even while you're away. Custom fields for tasks mean you can add more data on a task and keep track of everything.

More data, more productivity

Easily organize your work by adding custom fields to tasks and storing multiple data on a single task. This is ideal for managing all of your information in one place and getting things done faster.

Simplify project tasks

Custom fields for managing tasks. With the ability to add multiple data points per task, you can organize your projects more efficiently and store more information about each one.

Simplify project tasks
Analyze project data

Analyze project data

Get more detailed data on tasks by adding custom fields to every task type in Orangescrum. And organize your projects more efficiently and store more information about each one.

Set project priorities

You can add custom fields to your tasks - like duration, files attached, tags, assignee, etc. This is useful when you want to organize your tasks and store additional data about them.

Set project priorities
Streamline workflow

Streamline workflow

We know how to streamline workflow. Custom fields give you the space to store more data about your tasks, which makes it easier to track progress and get a clear view of what needs to be done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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