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The data center edition of Orangescrum is to provide enterprise grade solutions to meet your business objectives without having any burden for hosting & infra management.

Orangescrum Datacenter Edition

Specifically designed for the team who wants to focus on the productivity only

Plan, execute, track, and report

Project plan identifies the project risks, determines how the project will be executed and monitors progress against the project plan to identify issues or roadblocks.

Cutting-edge technology

Our data center plan are designed to meet the highest industry standards for security, reliability, and performance to run the project management tool

Comprehensive support

We monitor the health and performance of your infrastructure 24/7 to ensure that any issues or problems are identified and addressed quickly so that you focus on your core job.

Data Center Project Management

Benefits of Orangescrum Datacenter Edition

  • Premium support
  • Separately hosted
  • No additional stress on hosting
  • No stress on managing infra
  • Faster performance
  • Customer branding url
  • Regular database backup
  • Disaster recovery management
  • One time payment for the package
  • Yearly payment for support & maintenance
  • Yearly for the hosting

Data Center Service for Any Industry

Data center services are utilized by a wide range of industries with reliable and secure IT infrastructure. Organizations are also seeking to leverage the advanced technologies to improve their operations, efficiency, and remain competitive in the digital age. Some of the key industries are,

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Data Center Edition

  • Access to centralized data and resources from anywhere, at any time
  • Enabling greater collaboration and efficiency across teams
  • No more investment in additional hardware or infrastructure
  • Advanced security features, like encryption, firewalls, and multi-factor authentication
  • Advanced disaster recovery capabilities and daily backup and recovery services


What is a data center edition?

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Data Center support services

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