Using OrangeScrum as alternative

Looking for the best alternative of Asana? You’re at the right place. OrangeScrum is easy to use and keeps your projects, tasks, time & resources organized to stay ahead! Signup and get started in less than 60 seconds with minimum to zero learning curve.

Although, Asana is a popular project management application & provides clean UI with basic task and project management features; it fails to meet the common project management needs. It lacks Task & Resource planning, Gantt Charts, Resource Availability, Resource Utilization etc. & neither does it provide any self-hosted options

OrangeScrum also offers self-hosted options starting from $259/10 users, $439/20 users.
You can check self-hosted plans here.

On the other hand, a quick peek into OrangeScrum reveals its effectiveness with key project management features such as subtasks, gantt chart, time tracking, resource utilization, templates, task linking, custom task types, integrated timesheets with invoicing & mobile apps etc. for as low as $0.9/user/mo.