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Orangescrum project collaboration tool has comprehensive wiki features that make your Go-To wiki software for collaboration and knowledge-base management. You can customise and collaborate within your team in real-time. Try it now or schedule a demo for quick walkthrough.

Lved by +6,000 agile teams worldwide

Loved by +6000 agile teams worldwide

How Wiki Software Works?

A wiki software is a collaborative space for all team members to store and access wiki, notes and information for organisation's internal use. Teams can collaboratively write and manage various content in the wiki. It allows information to be accessed without navigating away from the workflow. wiki software provides features to customise the way you organise your information.

Types of Wiki Management in a Wiki Software

Company Wiki

Company wiki are shareable information and resources for employees. Teams can get quick access to general information such as workplace policies, guidelines, memos, workflows and more.

Enterprise wiki software provides centralized knowledge bases which are searchable by all the team members to get necessary information when needed to do their jobs well. It facilitates team members to perform work as per company standards and guidelines.

Company Wiki
Internal Wiki

Internal Wiki

Enable team members to maintain internal company information which teams can create, share and collaborate to get their job done. Different teams can work remotely and collaboratively to create and maintain internal wiki as well as get updates from time to time.

Teams can view, share and get updates on department-specific information for a cross-department collaboration.

Wiki software feature

Easy Editing

Easy and unlimited content editing and formatting with images, videos and more.

Live Collaboration

Reply, comment and collaborate live with other teams directly on the document.

Limitless Customization

Customize text with a wide range of fonts, themes, colors, highlights etc. to best fit your needs.

Access Control

Control who sees what by assigning roles like editor, contributor, viewer or administrator to each document.

Google-Like Search

Google-like search system enables teams to find relevant articles quickly.

Powerful Integrations

Integrate Orangescrum wiki with popular tools such as Google-Drive, DropBox, Slack and more.

Why Choose Orangescrum Wiki Software?

Comprehensive Wiki Features that Make Orangescrum Your Go-To Wiki Software for Collaboration and Knowledge-Base Management

Orangescrum Wiki Software
  • Customize Your Knowledge Base the Way You Like
  • Store and share docs, knowledge base and wiki from a centralized location
  • Collaborate wiki across all departments and teams in real-time
  • Integrate your existing system with third-party software tools
  • Responsive wiki management across all devices
  • Get multi-lingual support
  • Control who can access your wiki with user roles management

Orangescrum Wiki - A Confluence Alternative

Unified platform for document collaboration and knowledge sharing. Seamless knowledge exchange and team collaboration for project success.

Orangescrum Wiki Software

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Reviews and Ratings

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