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Using Orangescrum as alternative

Google Tasks is an exceptional to-do list manager. It has been designed to optimize one's efficiency by keeping track of 100s of activities throughout the day. Moreover, being a google flagship product it comes inbuilt with the world's most popular email service - Gmail!

Another advantage of Google Tasks is that of its inbuilt integration with google calendar. Thus, all your tasks from your lists are neatly stacked on the respective dates in your gogle calendar. But the benefits stop here as it end to end collaboration across teams can not be achieved at this point of time. It has its merits in being an exceptional personal task manage.

On the other hand, Orangescrum is a full fledged collaboration tool with in-depth project and task management with a robust time tracking and resource management features at its core. You also benefit from there advanced project management features such as scrum and kanban boards, gantt charts, work breakdown structure with the help of tasks, subtasks, custom task types and labels.

Staying aligned with the Google values of making things simpler and providing top notch ease of access - Orangescrum offers google drive and google calendar integrations too.

Orangescrum also has Self-hosted edition. Plan starts from

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