Using OrangeScrum as alternative

OpenProject is a project management tool that offers task management, project management, & collaboration. To access its premium features Task Management, Budget, and cost, Gantt chart, one need to shell out $5.77/month for a single user.

OrangeScrum on the other hand is a simple, easy yet effective project management tool. It offers Task Planning, Resource Management, Time Management, Templates, Issue Tracking, Mobile Apps and In-App chat features starting at $9/month/10 users. You can use it for both Agile and Scrum methodology.

Why OrangeScrum is better than OpenProject?

Though OpenProject is popular for its Community version, but many must have project management features are missing in it. It doesn’t have Resource Management, Timesheet, Invoicing, In-App chat, Subtask, Task Label etc.

If you compare OrangeScrum with OpenProject, you quickly see features like subtasks, gantt chart, time tracking, resource utilization, resource availability, templates, task linking, custom task types, invoicing, in-app chat & mobile apps etc. are available to you for as low as $0.9/user/mo as opposed to 5.77/user/mo. And these are key features that are apt for project management needs of all small, medium and enterprise corporations.

OrangeScrum also offers self-hosted options starting from $259/10 users, $439/20 users.
You can check self-hosted plans here.

Project Management should be simple and affordable why should you make it Complex and Expensive? Please take a look at the below details to get a better idea of both the tools & Why OrangeScrum is the best alternative to OpenProject: