Orangescrum is the most comprehensive resource management and planning software to simplify your resource utilization process by showing clear data of your resource availability and let you utilize them to improve productivity.

Resource Management

How do I -
  • Figure out if resources available for my next project?
  • Track my resources are optimally utilised?
  • Prevent resources overloading?
  • Measure my teams' performance?
  • Keep my team motivated?
  • Make my resources complete their tasks on time?

Here's how!

Resource Availability

Simplified Resource Management
for Project Success!

Quick view of your team's availability & scheduling for effective
resource allocation and optimum resource utilization

Resource Availability is key to YOUR Business

Resource Availability is key to YOUR Business

  • Always know when and how much of your resources are available. Deliver projects on time or ahead of time with reliable resource scheduling.
  • Real time resource availability to help you plan and execute new business deals.
  • Your projects pipeline is always full which means more revenue, better utilization and higher profits.
Hayley Turner It's truly unlike any other experience I've had as a former Project Manager and a current CEO Hayley Turner, USA

Robust yet Easy Resource Planning

  • Allocate tasks transparently to avoid overloading your smart and efficient resources.
  • Maintain optimal workloads and re-plan task assignments for quicker delivery.
  • No more missed deadlines but increased collaboration and mutual cooperation across projects and tasks.
Christian Pohl We were happy to have been relieved of manual work and excel sheets for resource planning & management Christian Pohl, Germany
Say Hi to Productivity
Gift your teams the Me Time they deserve

Resource Allocation for increased productivity

  • Monitor resource allocation for timely project and task execution.
  • Bridge your talent, skill and task execution gap.
  • Manage project schedules without fear of missing deadlines.
Daniel Lim Orangescrum helped us be highly effective in our people & tasks planning, improved task tracking and communication with the complete team, tracking of all projects, resource utilization, documentation mgmt Daniel Lim, Indonesia