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Task Groups

Orangescrum helps to accomplish a specific task in a project in collaboration with proper information sharing in
proper control without any conflict.

OrangeScrum: Task Groups for Better Productivity

Group Tasks or Resources by Criterion

You can use Orangescrum’s, Task Group feature to categorize and report project or task information in a variety of ways.Grouping tasks also allows you to view rolled-up summary in one place for similar kind of tasks.

Group Task Management

Assign tasks to the Task Group Type

In Orangescrum you can easily assign a task to a particular Task Group according to the nature of the task. While creating a new task you can choose the Task Group it should follow so that the task is assigned and looped into the same Task Group from the beginning.

Assign Task to Task Group

Drag and Drop Tasks to the Task Groups

One of the most intuitive advantage of Task Groups is that – you can drag and drop tasks to other task groups right from the task group page.This feature makes it easy in saving time and hassle. Moving tasks from one task group to another just takes seconds.

Drag and Drop Tasks