Using OrangeScrum as alternative

JIRA is popularly known as Bug & Issue Tracking software. It primarily focuses on software development projects. JIRA allows to integrate with a number of other softwares. It is available as a monthly subscription (Cloud) or it can be hosted/deployed on your server (Self Hosted).

OrangeScrum is a simple, easy yet effective project management tool. It is an industry agnostic tool and preferred by digital & marking agencies, manufacturing, construction, IT, product development and not for profit organizations of all sizes.

OrangeScrum offers Task Planning, Resource Management, Time Management, Gantt Charts, Templates, Issue Tracking, Mobile Apps and In-App chat, starting from $9/month/10 users You can use it for both Kanban and Scrum methodologies.

Why OrangeScrum is better than JIRA?

Though JIRA offers a lot of features and integrations, but many of its features are available as add-ons/plugins. To obtain the same feature set as OrangeScrum, you need to spend a lot more there by adding to your monthly costs. JIRA self-hosted price is also very high compared to OrangeScrum.

A straight forward comparison between OrangeScrum & Jira shows, features like subtasks, gantt chart, time tracking, resource utilization, templates, task linking, custom task types, invoicing & mobile apps etc. are available to you for as low as $0.9/user/mo as opposed to $7/user/mo. And these are key features that are apt for project management needs of all small, medium and enterprise corporations.

While the Self-Hosted version of JIRA starts with $10/month, but adding a single extra user will cost you $2000. OrangeScrum offers self-hosted version starting from $259/10 users, $439/20 users.
You can check the self-hosted plans here.

See for yourself and get a better idea as Why OrangeScrum is the best alternative to JIRA!