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Get Everyone on the Same Page

An elegant way to manage projects, team and tasks at one place


Are you having hard time to organize tasks, replies, documents using several tools?

Keep your Team and Customer on same page. Simplify your project management experience.


Are you struggling in team collaboration?

Easy to use all-in-one Project Collaboration Tool helps you to organize, manage, plan, collaborate and get the work done even faster.


Are you frustrated by not getting daily catch up from your distributed team?

Orangescrum will take care of your team's daily status, just set up the daily catch-up reminder to receive them in your inbox.


Are you struggling to win customers' confidence on progress?

The powerful analytics helps you to reduce your project management time allowing you to focus on execution to increase productivity.


Are you wondering about getting or responding to updates while on-the-go?

Just reply to the task email via your mobile, it gets updated in Orangescrum implicitly.

Easy Import & Export

Import your data from any other application.
Leave whenever you want with just a simple click to download all your data.

Fast & Secure

We believe in faster response time.
With our Advanced SSL, we provide communication security over the Internet.

Open Source

The Community edition of Orangescrum is released under the GNU General Public License Version 3 and runs on CakePHP 2.x

"It's really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them"

-Steve Jobs
Say good bye to Project management via Emails

Share of your ideas, feedbacks, questions and discussions across the team in conversation threads along with attachments.

Resource Planning and Track Progress with the Scrum Board

See what's in progress, who's doing what, what needs to be done next, and what's been accomplished.

It is much lighter, modern and user-friendly

Stay on top with daily catch-up emails

Keep your team on their toes by reminding them by automatic emails to send daily updates before leaving for the day.

Work with remote team and respond on the go

You donot have to sit all the time in front of your computer to communicate with your team.

Get instant notification on your cell and respond with your inputs in no time.

Orangescrum is for everyone

It's doesn't matter whatever your business is or whatever you are working on

IT Company
Tasks are the todos, set priority and goal. Bridge the communication gap between remote team.
Education & Health Services
Set Events/Classes Location, Dates & Times, Use tasks as check lists and delegate them to others.
Construction & Manufacturing
Manage requirements and set due date. Assign tasks to people and use status as approval process.
Set your goal, prioritize your work and never miss a single thing. Work seamlessly and measure your estimated vs actual hours.
Stay on top, get things done on time and impress your clients. Win your customer's confidence by keeping them informed with daily scrum.
Other Services
Orangescrum provides such flexibility to manage projects, team, tasks so that any industry or individual can use this and get benefited.

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Stay on Top ! Get things done Efficiently, Increase Productivity.
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