Project Management

Successful Project Completion on time,
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Numerous Projects? Dispersed Teams? Broken Communications? Ever-demanding Clients? No Problem! Orangescrum Project Management Software solves it ALL!

Orangescrum Project Management Tool

Plan, Initiate, Track and Control all your projects' action with absolute ease anytime in one place!
Everything you need to handle even "THE PERFECT STORM"

Project Planning

Project Planning

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail! Orangescrum helps you lay out your projects into the minutest of tasks making you Invincible. Never again do you have to worry about missing key client requirements & instructions. Intuitive Kanban boards with Task Groups is made for quick project plan with well-defined task groupings and task statuses. Keep your Teams and Client in-sync. Transparency Simplified!

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Sprint Planning Made Easy

Run all your agile projects with Orangescrum's Scrum methodology! Create & plan sprints, assign tasks to the right team member to improve team performance & reduce your backlog steadily.

Scrum board & Scrum reports make it easy for Scrum Masters to prioritize & track sprint progress for quicker execution of projects.

Sprint Planning Made Easy

Task Management

Get the devil in the details and execute to perfection. Create and assign tasks with utmost clarity and timelines. Track task progress, contribute to the discussion threads, provide timely updates and track time spent on tasks effortlessly from a single platform. Be the ORACLE of your projects!

Task Management
Gantt Charts

Gantt Charts

Gantt Charts provide detailed visuals of project progress. You get to know which task has progressed how far, by whom, how long will it take for a task to complete, dependencies among tasks & who is stuck where. All of these in a sigle view helps you handle any delays proactively. Gift your Clients on time delivery, always!

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  • Fabio
    Fabio GuimarĂ£es
    CEO - FGX, Brazil

    Orangescrum controls our projects in a way we did not find in any other platform. As an open source project management software, the feature list is quite surprising...

  • Jamie Smith
    Jamie Smith
    Director of Marketing Automation, SFCG, Texas, USA

    Orangescrum simplifies the process of project management for our organization with its power collaboration tools. We couldn't be happier with Orangescrum!

  • Anil Kumar
    Anil Kumar
    CEO, Saral Technologies

    OrangeScrum made our project management tasks and timesheets so much easier and support provided by team is awesome.

  • Pedro Artur Oliveira
    Pedro Artur Oliveira
    Gestor de clientes (Manager) | CAIXA, Lda.

    Maintaining a logical understanding of the project before the Orangescrum was a task that was time consuming. With Orangescrum this is not a concern.

  • Brent Kerr
    Brent Kerr
    CEO, Kewico GmbH

    I work with Freelancers to get the CAD jobs done. Orangescrum provided me with a way for them to track and bill their time...

  • Bala
    Consultant | IPneeti

    Orangescrum replaced our complex excel time log to a simple web log, and further,the invoice generation facility reduces most of the work of managers!

  • Sadanand Suresh Walte
    Sadanand Suresh Walte
    Delivery Head,Technex Technologies Pvt Ltd, Pune, India.

    OrangeScrum helped us to be highly effective with - People & tasks planning, Tracking and Communication and updates...

  • Kuda Msipa
    Kuda Msipa

    My clients get a faster response from us now. Also, they are able to see what's going on with a project. They talk to my...

  • Khululekani
    Director | Thebe Media Solutions | South Africa

    Orangescrum provided us with the perfect solution to collaborate on line, keeping track of task statuses, responsibilities...

  • Robert Koszorus E.V.
    Robert Koszorus E.V.
    Development Agency, Hungary

    Orangescrum is one of the most usable, flexible and interactive of the project management systems I know. Me and my team can easily manage our projects...


Project Collaboration

Lenthy Emails -NO! Lost files - NO! Missing Task Updates - No! Orangescrum Daily Catch-up, Task notifications, In-App Chat all ensure that you never miss a beat on your projects. From task updates, re-assignments, status changes to comments and replies by clients and teams are all tracked and updated in real-time. You are always in the thick of things whether you are at office or home. The iOS and Android apps simplify these benefits further. Collaboration and Success was never so easy!

Reports & Analytics

Orangescrum provides a host of insightful yet simple analytics to stay ahead of time. Resource Utilization, Weekly Status metrics, live activity feeds, billable vs non-billable project hours all come in handy while reviewing your project team's performance. They also help provide true execution status and help in making timely decisive operational changes. Get all you need to stay ahead of your competition!

Reports & Analytics