Operational Efficiency
& Agility for IT Teams

IT Teams a.k.a Instant Delivery! Always expected to shoot a moving target; blindfold. No idea of what's coming their way, shifting deliverables, moving resources and restricted access to time and money. Not anymore!

Assign right, Utilize right, Deliver right!

Smart Resource validator lets you know who can work, when and how long so that your tasks aren't idle any more.

Accurately track planned and actual hours and always know where did your team spend their time on any given day. Be your own Oracle!

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Assign right, Utilize right, deliver right!
Manage resources and time efficiently

Prioritize your tasks and stay organized

A highly efficient way for teams and organizations to visualize works in progress, to identify and eliminate bottlenecks to achieve continuous operational improvements. Reorganize tasks painlessly with drag & drop tasks from one status to another.

Collaborate in real-time and stay informed.

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Charge your team's true worth

Define role based hourly rates, know the true billability of your resources, track their billable hours and generate accurate invoices.

Invoice with confidence & clarity and never miss a billable minute ever. Easily track your paid and unpaid invoices and stay on top of your project finances.

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Organize clients and Project