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Streamline your project progress with Orangescrum all-in-one project monitoring software. Track tasks, manage projects, and collaborate with your team effortlessly. Try Orangescrum now";


Streamline projects, track progress and boost productivity with Orangescrum project monitoring tool

Real-time visibility

Orangescrum empowers project managers to track tasks, set milestones, and view overall project status to identify and address issues promptly.

Improved decision making

Up-to-date project data enables project managers to make informed decisions and adjustments ensuring that the projects stay on track and within budget.

Enhanced Collaboration

Orangescrum collaboration features make it easier for team members to be on the loop and work together on the project to reach a common goal.

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Real time Project Updates

Real time Project Updates

Never miss a beat on project progress and team activities. Get real-time updates to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Visualize Project Timelines

Get more project information and insights in a snapshot by visualizing project timelines and dependencies for effective planning and resource allocation.

Visualize Project Timelines

Communicate Effectively with Teams

Communicate Effectively with Teams

Seamless communication and collaboration among team members ensures everyone is on the same page and works cohesively to meet a common goal.

Connect With Productivity Tools

Integrate your existing projects with third-party productivity apps for a seamless cross-functional collaboration and project management.

Connect With Productivity Tools

Create Detailed Reports and Analytics

Create Detailed Reports and Analytics

Generate comprehensive reports and analytics to derive valuable insights for decision-making and project optimization.

Centralize Document Storage

Orangescrum offers a single secure location for storing, organising, and accessing all project documents.

Centralize Document Storage

Integrate Orangescrum With
Productivity Apps

Supercharge productivity by connecting Orangescrum with existing tools and apps

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