Orangescrum Enterprise: 'On-Premises'

Powerful Project Collaboration, Invoicing and Time Tracking Tool with the Advantage of Increased Data Security.

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Built and assembled for Enterprise ' from 10 to Unlimited users '

Built for teams, group and companies to accelerate business with commanding project collaboration capabilities in your own premises.

Amazing Features

Elements that make Orangescrum Enterprise Standout.

Work Management

Enterprise level task management makes
task tracing easy for you and your

Collaboration Simplified

Simple and smart collaborative framework. Activity updates with prompt visibility of a project or task.

Share Documents Effortlessly

Share and view documents, images and other workspace attributes in one single floor without confusion or losing precious data.

Google Materialize Design

Adapted the materialize design concept by Google and utilized it to create
the perfect look and feel for the

Progressive Analytics

Get to know in an instance about the project(s), resource(s) or tasks(s). Gantt Charts, Burndown Charts, Resource Management, and more.

Customize Orangescrum

Make Orangescrum breathe as per your business. Customize work management stage according to your workflow, budgeting, add-ins, etc.

Strong Security & Privacy

Position Orangescrum within your enterprise firewall and possess your own data. Secured connections with SSL encryption.

Helpdesk Team

We are always around to provide help and support at critical points, so that
your project collaboration runs

Choose Your Pricing Plan

All Orangescrum plans are built to suit your enterprise needs and requirements. Even though you have an enterprise
team of 10 to 5000, 10000 members.


10 Users | $4,999 Annually

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25 Users | $6,999 Annually

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50 Users | $8,999 Annually

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Orangescrum Enterprise?

Orangescrum Enterprise (on Premises) is the self- hosted version of Orangescrum cloud.

Is there a self-hosted version of Orangescrum with all of the latest features?

Yes, all the latest features are available such as create unlimited projects, Unlimited Task Groups, Unlimited Tasks and only users are limited, depending on subscription you purchased.

Does Orangescrum Enterprise support plugins?

No, just like the existing cloud version of Orangescrum, it doesn’t have plugins.However, we can customize as per your requirement with additional cost. So you can build Orangescrum according to your business need.

What are the recommended specs for Orangescrum Enterprise?

It can be used on 64-bit Windows server (2008 or 2013 R2) or Linux operating system(Ex: Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS x64, CentOS_6.5_x64) with minimum 8 GB RAM, 80 GB Disk space, 2.8 GHz or faster processor.


Apache (2.4) with `mod_rewrite`,   .PHP 5.4, MySQL 5.5,   .ImageMagick 6.7.710,   .wkhtmltopdf 0.12.2,   .Sendgrid used for outbound Emails.

Is Orangescrum Enterprise a separate product from Orangescrum Cloud?

No, Orangescrum Enterprise is the self-hosted version of Orangescrum cloud. You will get all the features in Enterprise version as that in Cloud. This version is especially for those who want to keep the project management data in-house and away from public view.

Now, you can host Orangescrum cloud version on your own server.

Will Orangescrum Enterprise get automatic updates like cloud?

No, given that Enterprise will run on your own servers, updates are not automatically applied. However, we can update it around every 6 months with your permission. Our Support Team will carry this out.

Is Maintenance included for Enterprise?

Yes, maintenance is included and covers the initial installation, as well as on-going upgrades with unlimited email support.

Can I evaluate Orangescrum Enterprise before purchasing?

Yes, you can begin a trial of our cloud version to understand the functionality provided by Enterprise. If you have other requirements, then get in touch with us and we can help you.

How is Orangescrum Enterprise licensed?

Orangescrum Enterprise is licensed under a subscription model. Licenses are purchased for a one-year period, which includes full support and access to all updates via regular upgrades.

We are a large company (500+ users). Do you have licensing options for us?

Yes, get in touch with us and we can always discuss your requirements to build the right package for your enterprise.

Does the license include access to the source code?

Of course, we can install Orangescrum in your environment with a customized price. Contact us for on-premises solutions. Moreover, you can go for Orangescrum Enterprise or Community version

Is my data secured?

Since the enterprise version will be set up and mounted in customers premises, the data security will be fully governed at the customers end.

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