Time Log

Timelog tracks down time spent by users and enables users to log their time spent with other
relevant details on the projects they work.

Orangescrum: Track time, spent hours calculated automatically and generate invoices with ease
Track time spent on tasks & projects

All your tasks and projects can be tracked with respect to time spent by each resource or user. Get accurate time-to-work ratio comparison with few mouse clicks.

Time and Task Tracking
Get billable Hours immediately

Monitor you’re spent hours in a particular task or project easily and get your billable hours calculated, automatically.

Invoice Tracking
View Time Log Dashboard

One click and you can view all your time log entries for a particular task or project. This makes easy for the project manager or admin to take decisions faster besides getting a quick information about the project.

Time Log Tracking
Generate Invoice with Ease

Orangescrum Invoice makes it easy for business owners to create professional invoices and accept payments without any concern. Stay organized and save time with Orangescrum’s invoice feature. You can track time on the job, create invoices and receive payment notifications right inside the Orangescrum app.

Invoice Generation