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How Orangescrum Helped Kewico GmbH Increase Productivity 2X Times

" We can highly recommend this software to anyone needing project management software with an easy to use interface and clearly presented lists and work flows. Orangescrum increased our project management efficiency dramatically."

Brent Kerr

CEO, Kewico GmbH

Their Objective

Kewico GmbH is a CAD consultant to major corporations. The company is responsible for drawing sales and installation plans for high tech milking equipment in the dairy industry. Each project has a team built up of salespersons, project / installation managers, installation technicians and us providing the necessary CAD plans. The people involved differ depending on the region of our country that the equipment is sold to.

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Industry Consultancy

HQ/Location Switzerland

Presence 1 Country

2x Customer


10 + Team


The Challenge

With a number of people involved in longer term projects with different phases and different teams, communication and collaboration became very difficult using conventional communication.

Kewico GmbH Faced Following Challenges

  • Unable to get updates on the progress of tasks from their team members.
  • Scattered team collaboration results in delayed project delivery
  • Lack of real time status updates on who is doing what
  • Unable to track how much time is spent on which task

Our Solutions

Orangescrum solved various organizational problems such as clear responsibility allocation, traceable project activity. With the Time log and Invoices, the company was able to minimize the administrational workload.

Orangescrum Provides Following Solutions

  • Organization Improved team collaboration and delivered projects faster
  • Communicate effectively with customers as well as team members
  • Track projects in a centralized platform and get project status updates
  • Track billable hours and forecast project completion updates in a single platform

Features That Helped Kewico Development Team


Deliver your milestones, projects or products on time with agile projects.

Resource Management

Interactive resources planning or workload management with real time resource availability.

Time Tracking

Easy-to-use time and timesheet to track time spent on projects.

Gantt Chart

Stay on top of project schedule & prevent roadblock proactively

Project Templates

Tailor your own templates to add clarity and structure to your project plan and process with ease.

Budget & Cost

Streamline financial oversight, ensuring optimal cost control for successful project outcomes.

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