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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) by new project managers and placed them here in our guide. Some of these terms and concepts may be found in the glossary, but we thought it would also be helpful to dive into each idea with FAQs.

  • What is Self-hosted or On-premise?
    On-premises or Self-hosted is a setup that allows databases and software to be implemented 100% on your own infrastructure. No one else can access or handle it, unless they have permission from you first.
  • How do you provide the source code?
    You’ll get the source code via dropbox link or download the file attached in email.
  • What is Self-hosted Project Management Software?
    Self-hosted project management refers to the way of handling projects on a company-wide scale.
    The methodology of Self-hosted project management brings together several strategies and methods that focus on agility and increasing the effectiveness of the company’s portfolio.
  • What is the difference between Self-hosted and Cloud-based project management software?
    A self-hosted software application is used when you need to keep your data on your own server. The system can be either local or hosted in the company's private cloud servers.
  • What are the benefits of having self-hosted project management?
    The self-hosted version of project management software offers you full control over the installation, data privacy and security. Other benefits are:
    1. You can have your own software hosted on your domain
    2. You can get more control over your environment, because it is on your premises
    3. Local network services can be accessed with this app
    4. No third-party users can access your data
    5. You do not need to rely on an Internet connection
    6. And many more
  • What industries can use the self-hosted or on-premise edition?
    IT Industry like, Remote Team, Marketing Team, Creative Team, and Real Estate, Banking & Finance, Education, Law, Manufacturing, Fashion, etc industry can benefited by self-hosted project management software.
  • What are the features available with Self-hosted project management tool?
    Within Orangescrum project management tool the features are available like, Task Management, Time Management, Budget & Cost, Resources Management, Workload Management, Bug & Issue Tracking, Scrum Project Management, Timesheet, Customs Workflows, User Role Management, Project Templates, Custom Fields, Kanban View, Advanced Custom Fields, Gantt Chart, Invoice Management, Executive Reports, Daily Catch Up, WIKI Management, Integration, Android & IOS app
  • What is the data privacy policy in self-hosted project management tool?
    The safety and security of Orangescrum customers' data is our Top Most Priority. Keeping ever-increasing security threats in mind, Orangescrum conducts routine security audits by top-notch experts in the industry.
    Orangescrum uses physical, procedural, and technical safeguards to preserve the integrity and security of your priceless information.
  • What integrations are available in Orangescrum self-hosted project management edition?
    Orangescrum allows you to integrate some of the top and favorite applications like, Zapier Zoom, SSO, Google Calendar, GitHub, Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox.
  • How to manage resources in Orangescrum self-hosted project management software?
    Orangescrum is a resource management tool that integrates with task and time management to provide an overall view of your project status.

    The advanced granularity and transparency ensures the team is

    1. aware of its roles and responsibilities
    2. aligned with the project goals
    3. able to prevent resource conflicts
    4. focused on execution
    5. committed to on time with quality delivery
  • What is the best alternative for Trello self-hosted?
    Trello does not offer self-hosted editions. It only offers subscriptions based on the cloud.
    ​​Whereas Orangescrum Self-hosted project management software is designed to be easy to use, and it helps your team stay on track. This saves time, money, and effort!
  • How do get updates for the self-hosted project management edition?
    For Orangescrum self-hosted project management you will be notified via email about future updates. You can download and install the updates on your server as instructed in the email.
  • How to migrate the cloud data to self-hosted?
    In case users want to change their SaaS plan to a self-hosted plan, to migrate the existing data users must contact our support team.

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