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Why Project Management?

Project Management in itself is a very vast subject and in the language of the world renowned Project Management Institute (PMI) – A project is a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product, service or result. The operating word here being “temporary”; because a project has a defined start and end time, resources and scope. A routine activity or operational affair are never a project as they are continuously ongoing.

E.g. of a Project – development of an app, a website, a software, construction of an apartment, a bridge or a business park.

Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to fulfil the defined project requirements & achieve agreed goal.

In further simpler terms Project Management is a collaborative process of defining scope, planning tasks, organizing resources, coordinated execution and real-time meaningful communication to meet the desired business outcomes.

Orangescrum’ers are passionate about simplified collaboration and communication & precisely why Orangescrum was created for.

How can a Project Management Software help?

Projects usually tend to be messier as they progress. A project plan is never fool proof or laid out in stone. There are always scope creeps, quality issues, ever-changing business demands and goals along with delivery schedule and resourcing hassles.

Hence, adding to our struggle in monitoring and tracking our project activities and resources involved along with the budgetary constraints.

Within no time, there is communication breakdown, countless emails doing the rounds in search of a single update or document, teams tend to dither away as they lack the much needed clarity and ownership.

Exactly, what WE went through on a daily basis until Orangescrum was developed!

Things to look for in a Project Management Software

The primary objective of a PMS is to offer a collaborative platform for your entire team and help them deliver results the business wants. More than anything, the PMS must be a strategic fit for your teams and organization as a whole.


A PMS must allow for a measurable ROI benefit along with real world business benefits by help eliminate wasteful processes, time savings from useless emails & meetings and reduced resources for your projects.

Money wise a direct per user cost of using the software that is business pocket friendly.

Productive Feature Offering

A PMS must not provide “me-too” features or features that are not a strategic fit for the team’s daily activities. At the same time, the features must be easy to follow and interact with. Given today’s project management needs the PMS should allow for

accurate review
Rising Star
Great User Experience

Simple and Efficient

The PMS but be as simple as possible leading to minimum adoption time for your teams. It must aid your team in performing their daily tasks and activities seamlessly along with real time progress sharing.

Real Time Progress Monitoring

A PMS should provide real time insights at an exec level as well as at a granular level to enable quicker decision making, take timely measures and corrective actions in the interest of the business and the team.

It must help everyone on the team to know where they are headed and where they are expected to be in terms of time and delivery.

Collaborative and Interactive

The PMS primarily must “make work fun” with its easy to follow and interactive UI enabling team collaboration, real time brainstorming and feedback sharing. It should add clarity and bring ownership of the tasks with the team leading to a motivated and productive workforce.

More the collaboration within the teams merrier the results!

Mobility is Key

The ever mobile and digital workforce are no longer a desk employee. They prefer to work at their own time, at a place of their choosing and from a device they love. The typical 9x5 work hours are a thing of the past and so are co-located businesses. The PMS should meet these innate requirements of today’s geographically diverse and digital workforce. A cool iOS and/or android app would go a long way in expediting organization wide acceptance.


Lastly, the PMS must have 24/7 online help and a great support team to back itself with unbelievably quick response times. Something like Orangescrum’s response time <5 minutes during work hours would be a good partner of choice!