Why Orangescrum is Helpful in Project Management

Why Orangescrum is Helpful in Project Management

Every business has its objectives and goals to be achieved and those can be used to measure its rank and its level of growth and success in this competitive world. To reach them out, a range of tasks must be accomplished effectively and this can be done flawlessly through a correct project management technique. Since it is complex, time taking and difficult, opting for good project management software is the best choice.

 Well, what it exactly?

Project management stands for the process of organizing, planning, and managing the time, technique and price for a particular project. It simplifies the entire process by using the techniques, knowledge, and skills for enabling the project activities.

As we are in a competitive world, a huge number of project management tools are coming every day. But why we have mentioned Orangescrum as the best? Wondering? No need to worry as we are explaining to you what are the things that make Orangescrum as the best project management and collaboration software! Let’s dive;


Orangescrum is a task, time, and project management software providing team and project managers an effective platform to perform their functions smoothly and effortlessly. Basically, it merges all your tasks and projects and manages your resources from processes, people and technology in time, without compromising the quality. The significant features and the in-time service facilities make this tool more useful and the best among all. Businesses which are not using this software generally do more work along with gaining less profit due to the waste of time on juggling tiny tasks.

Orangescrum is a perfect solution for those managers who want to see all their work, tasks and projects at a single place just to mention a few and without wasting much time. This agile project management software enables all the project members to work closely with faster communication and smarter compatibilities. For the managers who face problems in checking their team performance and organization goals, this platform is planned for them.

A short overview of Orangescrum features:

  • Time management
  • Task management
  • Project management
  • Gantt chart
  • Kanban view
  • Google drive + Dropbox integration
  • Collaboration

Problems that can be solved by Orangescrum:

Whether it is a small or a large business, every business has to be systematic and organized. Using different apps for different processes is definitely a big deal. If you are with the best project collaboration software like Orangescrum, then what to worry about! Let’s see, what are the common problems those can be solved by this project management tool?

  • Are you fed up of with the resource availability and the utilization process? No need to bother now. With the help of Time Log and Resource Availability feature, you can easily check which resource is available on which date and for how many hours. For this it has categorized as one of the best time tracking tool.

Resource Availability

  • Struggling to check your team member’s work status? It is hard to know who is doing what and how. But if Orangescrum is with you, then you don’t need to think about it more. This is the best task management tool and you can’t deny this fact once you use it.

Task Management

Over to You:

Orangescrum is not bounded with these points only. It has many other facilities and features with it. Based on the things you have read so far, Orangescrum is the best tool for project management.

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