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Why Open Source Software is good for Your Business

Why Open Source Software is good for Your Business

Studies suggest that more and more companies use and hire open-source software.

The prime motivator is usually the low cost advantage along with getting something ready to deploy and use without committing significant resources to start with.

Most development teams prefer an open-source software as:

  • The source code is open, they can easily modify, improve or build on it as what they need.
  • Updates and patches are actively developed and released in a collaborative community.
  • Quick support is available when required
  • Teams can build upon the base features to tailor to their business needs
  • Business can perform initial assessment of their requirements, run a MVP and plan a strategy

However, all businesses may not prefer an open source solution. And the ones who do may need to review the other aspects from a long term perspective.

Why Open Source Software is good for Your Business



Building an agile business is key to success. At the same time, keeping costs low and not getting tied to specific licensed products is important. Because at the initial and growth stages you need a lot of flexibility in terms of

  • Setting up processes
  • Aligning your teams
  • Maintaining a lean infrastructure
  • Changing the business flow or direction as required
  • Scale as per market conditions
  • Maintain competitive advantage

All of these can be very expensive if proper caution isn’t maintained right from the start.

Hence, it is always advisable to begin with open source software, test what works, what doesn’t. Identify aspects both at the software and business levels that require change and plan the future course of action accordingly.

What’s the open source software that you use today for?

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