The all new Orangescrum: Coming Soon….

Last year was awesome, we got the opportunity to bring on board thousands of users around the world.

We asked our customers, what we can do to make Orangescrum even better and easy to use!

Many of our customers gave feedback and on the basis of that we made a roadmap for 2016.

Top on the List was to provide better usability to users. Hence, we planned to give a new Look and Feel, which is based on Google Material Design.

Easy to use, easy to navigate, easy to find things. We’re sure you will love the new Orangescrum.

New Orangescrum! WHY?
Business are becoming busy and so does it processes! Teams try to achieve a shared goal to achieve the best results. Yet, there are lacunas that many times holds us back.

Solutions like emails, group communications, shared documents and many more exists even though we fall flat.

Facts or details like – important client communications, who is doing what, timeline, what’s the progress, daily updates and the list goes on . . . Some of the most common but important questions remains unanswered or gets missed out.

We have created the all New Orangescrum to help teams, business players get more clarity on Projects, Tasks, People and the Business.

Below is the Sneak peek preview of The New Orangescrum;

1. Dashboard OS_Dashboard_27_1_16_v3We did a complete facelift to Dashboard, which gives a 360 degree approach to projects at organization level. It has 4 rows.

First row, displays number of Projects, number of Tasks (closed / completed), number of users, number of hours spent so far etc.

Second row, displays Top 5 projects, half donut based Active / completed projects numbers, pie-chart showing no of clients and new clients in past 30 days.

Third row, displays Time logdata in bar-graph and resource utilization chart.

Fourth row, displays upcoming and overdue task list, pie-chart based task type and activities.

2. Task List Page OS_Task_Listing_Mockup_23_12_15_v9This would be the page where the user is going to spend maximum of his/her time – Task List.

This page displays factsheet of all tasks update and keeps team members in same page.

It has most of the attributes such as Task Number, Task Title, Assigned to, Priority, Last Updated, Task Status and due date. All columns are sortable.

You can create tasks by clicking on orange circle ‘circle‘ sign. 

Clicking on “+ Quick Task” will let you create Task quickly with Title.


3. Kanban View OS_Blog_Kanban
Kanban View is everything about board (Task status / Task group) and its cards (i.e. Tasks) associated with it.

In a single view you can see your New, In Progress, Resolved and Closed status tasks or in general Kanbanistic words To Do, Doing and Done task groups and its tasks.

You can Drag and Drop tasks from one board to another board.

4. Task Group OS_Blog_Task GroupTask Group allows to keep group of tasks together.

You can move tasks from one group to another by a simple drag and drop, moreover you can reorder tasks within task group.
Create tasks either by “+Quick Task Group” or click on orange circle ‘circle‘ sign.

5. Users Page

All the users are displayed in a card view, making it easy to assign them to a project and get a full view of the user profile.

The new Orangescrum is the coolest way to track tasks, users and get the job done easily.

The new Orangescrum is clean, clear and focused towards Project objectives.

Essentially, it helps you and your team to trace each step of your work from start to end.

So that your team can get results, unobstructed.

Share your thoughts and comments with us at You can check out the new user interface very soon @

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