Special Discount in Orangescrum Pricing!

We strive to add values to Orangescrum to make it still better and easier for you to manage projects. Sometimes the added value comes in terms of innovative features – with recent releases like New Dashboard, Create/Reply task and Add New user. However, last but not the list….

Today, we’re excited to announce special prices on the occasion of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

November 25 onwards, you can save 30% on all the pricing plan.

No hidden cost ! No additional charges !

If you already subscribed, there will be no change on your subscription amount unless you downgrade or upgrade your subscription.

Why are we doing this?
From the inception we’re learning and iterating the pricing model, we’ve struggled to come up with the most transparent pricing. However, this is a competitive industry, and figuring out the cost of a project management tool with 100s others is far from easy. It took us this long to figure out what the right price structure should look like.

New Orangescrum Pricing Plan

We are excited about this special pricing and at the same time are empathetic to them who are hardest hit by these changes. In the end, we believe this should go well for everyone in the Orangescrum community, making Project Management more flexible and affordable.We hope you understand the difficult choices we’ve had to make in order to provide a reliable, sustainable service for many years to come.

Definitely share your thoughts by commenting below, we really appreciate your time.

Check out the full details at https://www.orangescrum.com/pricing/.

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