Rundown Sign-Up page doubled our conversion rate!

A sign-up form is a gateway to deepening relationship with potential customers. Over the past few months we have seen that most of the visitors had left midway from the sign-up page as they struggled with our lengthy sign-up form.

That’s why we decided to take an opinion from our prospects. Based on their feedback, we made the following changes in the old form

  • Increased the visuals on the page.
  • Removed the content from the top of the form.
  • Added few satisfied client testimonials to the page.
  • Stripped of redundant contents

Our old sign-up form looked like this:


Now, the new form looks like this:

Then we put both the pages on A/B testing and what we noticed that new form has almost doubled our conversion rate compare to older one.

graph Conclusion:

The tests showed that when we trimmed the number of fields in the sign-up form the conversion rate doubled.

Please share your thought on increasing conversion rate of website.

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