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Top Powerful Project Management Templates To Replace Excel

Top Powerful Project Management Templates To Replace Excel

Project Management via excel and spreadsheets is not something savvy project managers would do. In the world of artificial intelligence (AI) & big data analytics depending on manual data management is a toxic waste of time and effort.

Excel project management becomes too taxing over time and takes the focus away from core project works. You tend to

  • Spend more time to maintain project data
  • Juggle between spreadsheets
  • Drift away from strategic project activities
  • Delay in delivery

On the other hand, streamlining your project management process can lead to increased efficiency.  There are multiple projects in-flight at any given time and building a process and templeting them is the right thing to do.

With Project Templates. You can

  • Standardize business processes
  • Greater alignment of people and technology to processes that work
  • Proven & predictable desired outcomes
  • Prevent human errors

With the help of  top project template, project managers can replicate and reuse the structure and content of existing projects, including milestones and tasks with start date, end date, estimated hours to speed up new project creation and execution.

Let’s look at some top project templates that can help you streamline your project management process.

Top Project Management Templates to Replace Excel



Efficiency and effectiveness are key to successful project management. Having well-defined processes provides clarity to the team, reduces confusion and ensures timely execution.

This becomes even more important with remote team management. The biggest benefit is crucial process steps aren’t missed and predictable desired outcomes are achieved effortlessly.

With Orangescrum task management tool you can define custom status workflows for your distinct business functions be it recruitment, procurement, content management and delight your customers with on-time high quality delivery.

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