Product Update: Profitable Report, Advance Custom Fields, and Week Number

Profitable Report, Advance Custom Fields and Week Number

Hello Orangescrummers! It is always exciting to add new features to your product. And more so when that feature is one that your customers desperately want – “Profitable Report”!

We have been very cognizant of our customers’ needs and what would be best for them.

Every time we come up with new updates, it’s always to make Orangescrum more convenient and bring more simplicity to your project progresses. This time, we’ve got some major updates for you!

All the following updates are focused to make Orangescrum more convenient and bring more simplicity to your project.

What’s New?

  • Profitable Report
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Week Number at Time Sheet

Project Profitable Report

We had recently released the Project Budget & Cost feature for our users. Users can add the project budget, Default Rate (Hourly Rate) at the time of creating the project.

And the project admins also can define the role-based cost for the company and role-based cost to clients.

And with the Profitability report, now the project admin can see the real-time cost status report that defines if the company getting profits or it overlapping the project budget.

To find this report you need to navigate to the All Report >> Time & Resource Report.

Report Dashboard

There are two reporting modules available on this Profitability Reporting Dashboard.

  • Profit report for fixed budget project
  • Profit report for hourly billing projects

By hovering on the graphical status bar, you can able to find the Budget Value, Billable Cost and Profit Value respectively of the Project.

The Shown profit value is calculated by:

Total Budget Value – Billable Cost = Profit Value

Fixed Budget Report

By Scrolling down from the visual graph view, you can see Project wise profit value in a list view.

Profit Margin

This report provides Project Name, Fixed Budget Value, Cost to Client Value, Cost to company Value, Net Profit and Profit Margin in %.

For fixed budget projects, the profit value is calculated by:

Total Budget Value – Cost to Company = Profit Value

For hourly billing projects, the profit value is calculated by:

Cost to Client – Cost to Company = Profit Value

This profitable report will help Project Administrators and Managers to know the project’s profit margin in a single glance.

Advanced Custom Fields

As like Project Profitable Report, this is the Update version 2.0 for Custom Fields.

A user must have to enable the Advanced Custom Fields at Project Setting >> Custom Fields.

Advance Custom Fields Setup

This time the fields are pre-defined and you just need to select the fields name as per your requirement.

After enabling the Advanced Custom Fields option, users can be able to fields values as per each task.

Advance Custom Fields

The advanced fields define:

Actual Completion Date – When a task is closed, the closed date will be marked as the Actual Completion Date.

Duration of Task –  It shows the remaining durations against the actual completion date.

Variations –  This field shows if there is any variation compared to the duration of the task. Whether the task is completed early or after the duration of the task.

Time Balance Remaining – This value shows the remaining days or remaining hours (when it is below 1 day) against the due date.

Week Number at Time Sheet

This is an on-demand feature that has been requested by many of our customers.

At the user’s weekly timesheet, we have added the week number which would help project managers to execute their project planning effectively.

This Week Number becomes more effective when project managers want to plan any requiring task for a project.

Week Number

Coming Soon

There are 4 major product updates are at the pipeline. And we will release them very soon.

1. Bug & Issue Tracker

We are planning to release Bug & Issue Tracking feature soon to simplify your bug monitoring process.

Bug Tracking

2. Zapier Integration

Now you can integrate with your favorite applications using Zapier. It will let you to connect with other applications to share your project task information based on triggering action.

Zapier Integration

3. GitHub Integration

Orangescrum does have already the GitHub integration feature, however with a new enhancement now you can see your development code repositories, branches, code pull-push request, and their status under a task.



4. SSO Integration

We are adding another seamless authentication experience using SSO login. So, customers can enjoy a modern digital experience as repeated logins are no longer required.

SSO Integration



Implementing profitable reports and advanced custom fields in your project management software can make your processes much more efficient, useful, and structured. The best part is that it doesn’t take long to do!

Now, your project management has never been easier. Get insights into what needs to happen next and better track all of your tasks in one place.

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