Why Product Owner is Crucial for Agile Projects

A Product Owner is an integral part of a Scrum project or team. He/she is usually a business analyst, IT stakeholder, business stakeholder or a product manager.

Product Owner (PO) presents a strong vision of the product roadmap and is the voice of the customer. They are committed towards attaining the product goal.

So why do you need a Product Owner?

A Product Owner can improve your product development and project management process by:

  • facilitating communication between the stakeholders
  • driving product development
  • aligning product roadmap with product goals
  • supporting long and short-term planning
  • Grooming product backlog to increase project efficiency

Product Owner in an Agile Team

Product Owner (Source: yodiz.com)

Product owner of an agile team owns the product backlog. They prioritize the features in the backlog that the development team has to complete.

The product owner is aware of the team velocity. Thus new requirements are only added once the previous ones are done. A product owner determines the release dates.

Why Product Owner is Crucial for Agile Projects


The Product Owner is the voice of the customer and is responsible for end to end product delivery.

As explained by the Scrum Guide –

“Product owner is a scrum development role for a person who represents the business or user community and is responsible for working with the user group to determine what features will be in the product release.”

Product Owner is also responsible for the overall ROI and ensuring product goals are met.

A good product owner must

  • Possess excellent communication & influencing skills
  • Translate the product vision effectively
  • Act as a bridge between the business owners and the product team
  • Build the right thing, the right way
  • Ensure product success

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