Configurable Filter Option Rolls Out

What’s New in Filter v10

When we started developing; we never thought that a customizable filter will be required. But one of our customers asked “how the filter will remain same even if he changes the project?”

Thanks to our users for their valuable feedback who have been a continuous inspiration for the Orangescrum team.

Currently, we have predefined filters with limited options which do not provide enough freedom for you to cherry pick by making it a very time consuming and tedious affair.

And every passing day your project and number of tasks would increase and so would the need for more customized filters to suit your projects.

Custom Filter

In order to resolve that, we have added the much needed flexibility of configurable filtering capabilities.

What you will get?

  • You can create a new filter using filter options
  • Save the filter for future use

Configurable Filter Option Rolls Out

  • Update your custom filter with adding more filter options to existing filters

Update Filter

  • Ability to edit or delete your custom filters
  • Switch between filters with ease
  • No other users can view the filter you have created at any point
  • Filters would remain same even if you change the project
  • You can see number of filtered tasks from total tasks just below the filter tab option.
  • This filter will get saved, for the present company on which you’re working
  • You can set maximum 3 filter tabs in the tab setting and others will be displayed in the filter drop-down.

We’re working on to add this feature on more pages especially in Kanban, Resource Utilization & Time Log page.

Get an idea? Share with us to make Orangescrum better.

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