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Simplifying task management through integration and collaboration. Exporting data has never been so simple.

Managing and sharing tasks have been a cumbersome affair in a project. Now, you can export all your tasks with their statuses, priorities, concerned resources, start dates, due dates and more to excel (.xls) format. Your exported tasks will be structured the same way as in your work space, so you will have a hierarchy of tasks in your excel file.

We have made it simpler with some taps to export all you want to showcase in an excel sheet.

With the 4 steps, as explained below you would be able to export your project related data into Excel. Let’s find out;

Step 1: After logging in to your project in Orangescrum tap on “Tasks” in the first-left column. “Task list” page will open up with the details.

Step 2: Go to the “Settings” icon on the far top-right, tap on it. A window will pop up with title “Company settings”. Click on the “Import & Export” option.

Task Setting

Step 3: The third step leads you to the page with title “Import Task” showing a window heading “CSV file”. Click on “Export Task (.csv)” button on the top-right corner. Refer the screenshot below;

OS Export CSV

Step 4: You will be directly guided to the page with a window captioned “Export Tasks to CSV”. Now you have the freedom to choose files from this window to get the data in an excel sheet as per your requirement as shown in the final step.

Export CSV Pop up

Step 5: Your project data is now ready to be exported in an excel sheet.

Orangescrum Task Export successful

Project Managers look for certain features in course of tasking in a project. Employees are often assigned individual tasks that are a part of a larger project.

Managers can engage employees in a better way to collaborate on projects by sharing documents, timelines and status updates aided by the new functionality – “export file” as shown above.

Go ahead and plan your projects in Orangescrum, at any time, you can export your data. It is secured and compliment your Orangescrum New UI experience.

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