Orangescrum Major Updates: Calendar View, Compact View & Complete Task Export.

Orangescrum Rolls Out Major Updates Calendar View Compact View Complete Task Export

Logo of OrangeScrumLet again Orangescrum releases 3 major features such as, Calendar View, Compact View & Complete Task Export.

We are excited to announce that Orangescrum team strives to  improve its user experience. with new features besides bug fixes and stability improvements.

Highlighted Features:

  • Calendar View: Schedule task deadlines using the Orangescrum Calendar View. Easy to see what’s due and when. The task colors helps to track the status. Drag a task to change the due date easily.
  • Compact View: This added a lot of value to the task listing. It is so beautifully done that you’ll love it. All tasks can be seen in the screen visibility area in one view rather than scrolling and see what’s below the page.

  • Group by & Sort by: These are beautifully placed above the task list. Now you can see the group tasks of a Date, User, Status and Due Date.
  • Task Status: #of New, In Progress, Resolved & Closed are now moved to the top of the page. Previously they were at the bottom of the page with poor visibility so the users could not make best out of it.. Now you can see your Project progress at a glance.
  • Download a Task: Now you can export and download a task along with the discussions and attachments within a compressed zip file.

We hope you like these new advanced features, please try these free and share us what you think about.

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