Orangescrum Product Update: All New Kanban is here

Orangescrum Product Update: All New Kanban is here

Over the past few weeks, we’re observing how our users using the tool. Based on customer feedback& our observations, we have released a more simplified Kanban.

With Kanban, you can view all your tasks across all statuses/stages in a single view.

Then what’s new in this Kanban?

  • Color based status column to quick recognize task statuses
  • Add a quick task to New status
  • View all the tasks of any task statuses on a single view without scrolling the page
  • Add a new Kanban column/new custom task status directly from the Kanban page
  • Mark a task to your favorite tasks
  • Know subtask or task dependencies from the Kanban

New Orangescrum Kanban

Add another status in Kanban

Similarly, we redesigned the Sprint board and Task Group Kanban view as well.

Along with this update, we’ve change the design of “Create New Task”.  We hope you like it!

Orangescrum create a task

Coming Soon: Executive Dashboard

As you know, Orangescrum Enterprise edition has an Executive Dashboard which is not available on our cloud edition yet.

We have added a few fields on our create project form as a precursor to building the executive dashboard for our cloud users. Now you can define:

  • Project Manager
  • Budget & Cost approved for the project
  • Who’s your client for the project
  • Project deviation in terms of Min & max tolerance
  • Custom Project Status
  • Define Project Type
  • Select Industry for the project

Create Project

Create Project

I will share more information on how your executive dashboard will look like and what information you’ll have for your project KPI tracking in your dashboard.

In the coming months, we’re releasing new features and reports, at the same time we are also enhancing the UI to increase overall user experience.

In the meantime, you can share your feedback on the comment section.

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