Orangescrum now on iPad – Project Collaboration on the go

Orangescrum can be used with iPad now with  no apps required to download. You donot have to be stick to your desktop or laptop to update tasks to Orangescrum project.

With the responsive design, it simply extends all the web-app features to iPad. Project members can now access Orangescrum projects, catch-up on the progress and drill-down discussion threads on the go.

OS iPad
Responsive Design is an approach of laying-out and coding a website such that the web-app provides optimal viewing experience across a wide range of mobile devices, irrespective of screen size and resolution. It offers the same experience in ease of reading and navigation as good as from desktop.

The responsive design for iPad makes Orangescrum awesome. Because of its cool display and mobility, iPad so far is a popular mobile device in the world, soon we are coming up with Orangescrum for iPhone and Android devices. Keep watching!

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