Orangescrum’s New Task List Page And An Ever Intuitive Project Dashboard For You!

Orangescrum Task List Page and Intuitive Project Dashboard for you

Orangescrum’ers get ready for further meaningful enhancements to your favorite project collaboration tool!

Continuing with our efforts to present an ever seamless user experience we have added enhanced features to our “Task List Page” and the ‘Projects Overview Dashboard” so that you manage projects & tasks your way! More freedom and control to you!

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“Projects Overview Dashboard” has received a major overhaul in terms of quick project information as well as design.

No more guess work! Real data, real time!

Projects Overview – Quick Highlights

  • Instant project start and end dates
  • Real-time project progress status
  • Task Group progress status
  • Project team info with a quick peek of true task status of each resource
  • All your project files section for quick access and review
  • Accurate billable and non-billable hour info
  • Project finish line flag to act as motivation for you and your team
  • “Insta-activity” stream of your team
  • Detailed “overdue task list” with time & resource information

Orangescrum New Project Overview Page

(Image: Orangescrum Project Overview)

The Task List page is the soul of Orangescrum as this where all the action is! We have revamped it with additional features that make it easier for you to track and manage your tasks. No matter the number!

Task List – Quick Highlights

  • Refreshingly smooth interface
  • Ability to show/hide columns on the fly
  • Design your task view your way
  • Apply status wise filter for quick grasp on your task progress

Orangescrum New Task List Page

(Image: Orangescrum Task List Page) 

As always, we continue to receive feedback and make the desired improvements. Together, we’ll continue to make Orangescrum even better!

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Leave a comment on how you like our enhancements below!

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