Orangescrum Learning Series: #5 How Kanban increases your Team’s Productivity

With never ending work and little time at hand, a simpler approach to work management in the need of the hour. With so many things on our mind, it keeps getting harder to stay on track. Moreover, with new tasks popping up every minute, it seems impossible to stick to a strict routine and follow our to-do list.

But being productive and on top of all things is a necessity and no longer a choice! Orangescrum’s Kanban view is our effort to help you be at your productive best!

We have been using our own Kanban feature for our daily task management; especially I used it to track all my tasks – TO DO, TO BE DONE & DONE!

So I bring to you the next in our learning series “How Kanban increases your Team’s Productivity?”

The Kanban view is preferred because of the multitude of benefits it represents:


Kanban view is a visual approach to our tasks and important project milestones. You can manage all your tasks, milestones, drag and drop tasks between milestones and statuses and much more in this view. This is where real actions take place.


Productivity Booster

All changes/actions performed in this view reflect across the project. A neat card arrangement lets you focus on the key tasks at hand. A simple glance and you know what needs your attention right now. In other words it is a live planning dashboard.

Real-Time Status Updates

Whether you are in the Milestone or Tasks the changes are effective in real time with all actions caught in the task history as well as the project activity feeds. Transparent communication without any noise.

TaskGroup in Kanban

Single pane of view to Project progress

Kanban view quickly shows you the progress based on the estimated hours, hours spent and due dates. This way you never miss on what is round the corner and no tasks have a place to fall off your radar.

Personalized View

Each team member can rearrange the layout of the Kanban view based on their milestone and task status preferences.

Note: You can add custom task statuses in Open Source edition only. But with Milestones/Task Groups, you can create your own Kanban view in both open source and cloud edition.

Over time our customers and users have identified and agreed that Kanban View has helped them and their teams –

  • To be highly organized and well planned
  • Increase their productivity and save time from duplicity of efforts
  • Better collaboration among the team
  • Transparent communication and information sharing
  • And most importantly – driving attention to the right tasks at the right times

Create your First Kanban BoardCustomize your Kanban Board

Have already tried our Kanban feature yet? Tell us your experience; we’ll glad to hear.

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