Orangescrum is gone LIVE today with Premium plan!

We are excited to announce that the Orangescrum is gone LIVE today with Premium plan. The beta testingsignup is over successfully. Today, Orangescrum is open for individuals, small businesses and enterprises. It’s an efficient Project Collaboration Tool that gives you full visibility and control over your projects. It is an agile project management tool for perfect team collaboration, project tracking, document sharing and a discussion board for the team.

Inside Orangescrum:
Orangescrum offers all the basic features you need to smooth running of your project.

Here are some key highlights of Orangescrum:

  • Create/Assign/Track Tasks
  • Project & Team Collaboration
  • Secured File sharing using Google Drive and DropBox
  • Get conversations under single thread
  • Faster communication with Email Notification
  • Create & Track Milestones
  • Respond via email/mobile
  • Observe activities on a single page
  • Can be used as a Bug/Issue Tracker/Ticketing system

Orangescrum pricing is simple and flexible; pay-as-you-go and no long term obligations.
Orangescrum is available rightaway in Basic, Premium and Enterprise Editions. For more information visit Orangescrum at,

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5 thoughts on “Orangescrum is gone LIVE today with Premium plan!

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  1. Avatar
    Sujeet Mandal|

    I am using it past few hours with my buddy and I love it. especially the mail notification feature, didn’t find in other scrum tools

  2. Avatar
    Prakash Satpathy|

    This is an awesome tool, I love it. I’m gonna use the paid version soon. Exploring it now. Good job guys. keep it up 🙂

  3. Avatar

    wow! gr8….

  4. Avatar
    Animesh Dash|

    Wow!! Great app!!

  5. Avatar
    Satya Barik|

    Really its a nice tool… Let me try the basic plan …wanna going through all the feature …later on going to join with premium plan for my business strategy…

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