Orangescrum Introduces Affiliate Program

What is it?

Refer and Earn: Earn money by referring your visitors and customers to the Awesome Project Management Tool – Orangescrum

Benefit for You, Company and the Customer:

You are happy when you get a pie of the product sold

The Company is happy too since they have won a customer from a source which was never in their plan.

Finally, the customer is happy as they get something which was in their wishlist.

How it works?

  • Sign-up for an Orangescrum affiliate account for FREE and apply for our ‘Affiliate Program’ in one step by filling out the application here.
  • You receive the approval email from Orangescrum Admin and you join the Orangescrum Affiliate Program, you can review our Program Terms & Conditions.
  • We provide links & banners of different sizes, which you can use on your website, blog, email newsletter or any social network.
  • Customer knows about Orangescrum through your platform and signs up for any paid subscription plan,


How much you can Earn?

  • Earn 100% of the first payment received from a customer for a monthly subscription. (once the 30 days FREE trial period)
  • Earn 10% on each monthly subscription thereafter.
  • If a customer signs up for whole year, you get 20% flat from the annual amount.
  • Orangescrum will pay you the amount quarterly through PayPal, once your earning exceeds 100 USD.

90 days window

Even if the customer referred by you does not signup rightaway, Orangescrum will pay you the commission when the same customer subscribe directly to Orangescrum within 90 days.

Please visit the Orangescrum Affiliate page for more details.

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