Mobile App for Orangescrum SaaS Edition is coming Soon!

Orangescrum SaaS Mobile App

Finally the wait is over! We at Orangescrum are all set to release the mobile app for SaaS (Cloud edition) users this week.

Since our Mobile App launched for Community edition in September, 2016; we’re getting hundreds of requests, inquiries about the app for SaaS users.

In our continuous effort to “Simplify Orangescrum”, we’re now focusing to add more & more features to Orangescrum Mobile app.

Orangescrum SaaS Mobile App

The app is much faster, simpler & easier to use & manage your projects. It helps you & your team for better time management & collaboration of tasks & projects anytime & anywhere.

The Orangescrum mobile app will be available on both Android & iOS devices.

The app will let you add/create/manage:

  • Projects
  • Tasks
  • Task Assignment
  • Task Groups
  • Task types
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Estimated Hour
  • Priority
  • Notify via Email
  • Attach file
  • Invite new user
  • Files
  • Profile

Orangescrum SaaS Mobile App Task Listing View

Orangescrum SaaS Mobile App Project Listing


We know you can’t wait for the mobile app to be released. But we’re trying to get this released in this week.

Please share your comments below how eagerly you’re waiting for the mobile app!

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