Import your Google contacts and build your Team in Orangescrum

Orangecrum’s Import Google Contacts feature helps you to  import your Gmail contacts and invite them to your workspace. No need to remember or type-in the Email IDs to invite your team members. It’s just a click away to get your Google contact list and invite them.

Here are 3 simple steps to do this,

Step 1: Click on the “Import Google Contacts” button on Invite User popup and you will be asked to enter your login details by Google. It’s 100% safe and secure.



Step 2: Allow Orangescrum to access your contact list and its done. Yes it’s that simple.


Step 3: Ahh, now you see your contact list. You can search and select the contacts to whom you want to Invite to your workspace. The contact list excludes the contacts already in your workspace.

Choose Your Contacts

You can cross check the list before inviting them in an editable field where you can see the list of Emails selected. You can remove contacts from the list or add other contacts by typing new Email IDs.

Add or Remove Your Contacts

All your invited contacts will get an Invitation Email. After accepting the invitation on their Email, they will become a part of your workspace. You can add them to different projects, assign tasks and collaborate.

Hope you find this interesting, send your comments on how you liked the Import Google Contacts feature.

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