How to save Time & Resources using Task and Project template!

When you are swamped up with lot of people working in any long, identical and multiple projects –certain projects/tasks get repeated. Creating the same solution structure code repeatedly for the same kind of projects/tasks is wastage of time and resource.

To save these,there is an option to replicate existing projects and tasks to a template within Orangescrum. This feature in Orangescrum is known as “Template”.

Quick bits about “Task Template”

  • Customize Task Template
  • Create or add an existing Task to Task Template
  • Create and customize a new template
  • Quick Workflow
  • Increase efficiency & productivity

Learn more about how to create a “Task Template”

Project Template

ProjectTemplates can help you manage your work more efficiently. You need not repeat/enter the same tasks frequently and thereby save time, resources and increase productivity. You have the options to Edit, Delete and customize a template. You can create a new project or convert a project template into a project within Orangescrum.

Learn more about “Project Template”

Project Template

One of the easiest project management app with invoicing and time tracker. Move fast, perform better with Orangescrum.


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