How to respond Orangescrum message via email without log in

One of the awesome features in Orangescrum is ‘responding to messages via email ’.
Upon completion of a task, users receive email notification. With this facility users can respond to messages by just sending email without logging in to the Orangescrum.



Here’s how it works

When users create a task in Orangescrum, email notifications are sent to all concerned members. It facilitates project members and managers to get updated from anywhere. This way, users don’t have to stay logged in Orangescrum all the time to get the updates.
However, to respond back the task, users can directly reply the mail from their Inbox. Orangescrum seamlessly updates the message to profile, as well as notifies concerned project members about the response. Users are also facilitated to attach files while replying to the task.

Steps to post task with email notification:

  • Click “+ New Task”, add a task Title and select the checkboxes of concerned members to send email notification to respective users.
  • To create a detailed task – Click “More” and specify the fields (Due Date, Assign To, Priority, Task Type). Enter a task description and select the checkboxes of concerned members.

All the conversation threads for a task stay at one place. Users don’t need to toggle around and switch pages to find a specific reply.

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