How to Know Your Remote Employees are Really Working

Know Your Remote Employee is Really Working

Organizations and teams have accepted remote working as the default mode of operations. Over the last 6 months, businesses have evolved into powerful remote partners for their customers.

Teams have learnt to adapt to the new remote work processes and strike better balance as compared to the previous work culture.

However, business owners and project managers still continue to find new ways to track remote team productivity and answer with confidence to the million dollar question:

“Have you received the same productivity from your remote team?”

If not then much isn’t lost. You can still turn your team into a high performing powerhouse by establishing practical remote work processes.

Here are some quick tactical tips that definitely help to get your team back on track and maintain high productivity rates consistently.



It’s not very difficult to monitor and get output from your remote teams. The common thing between virtual and physical teams is that they need employee friendly working processes.

So, do offer a centralized collaboration platform for your team to work in an organized manner. A project management tool like Orangescrum, will help you to monitor the daily tasks along with daily resource utilization, billable and non-billable hours of your remote teams.

More than that, it is about assessing project progress in real time, ensuring teams are connected, get quick answers and deliver value through each task completion.

What else, your remote teams are well organized, know what needs to be done when, how and by whom leading to well-oiled project execution.

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