How to schedule Daily Catch-Up reminder and get updates without fail?

Orangescrum is one of the most powerful project management tool available in the market. Let me discuss one of the unique feature here. Sometimes team members forget to send their daily progress update in the end of the day.

However, to get rid of such situation the admin can setup a reminder option, by which the team member would get an reminder email. In turn he/she is required to just to respond to that email with filling out the daily progress updates.

Setup of Daily Progress Update reminder email:

Here’s how you can do this as explained below,



  • Click on Reminder Settings link in the left menu bar.
  • Select the Project and respective users of the project for whom you would like to setup reminder email.
  • Once the admin sets up the Alert time,Time Zone and Days(Frequency) an email will be sent automatically to the selected users reminding them to send Daily Update of the tasks done by him that day. It is a one time job by the admin. The reminder mail will be periodically sent to the users.
  • If you would like to set up a frequency you need to select # of working days, based on that email will be dispatched. For example, if we have chosen “5 days in a week” option then users will get reminder email notification in 5 days of the week i.e, except Saturday & Sunday.

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