How to create and assign task in Orangescrum?

Tasks are the basics of every project and each task created represents something you have to get done. This helps to keep track of progress of assignments and accomplishments.

I will explain how to create and assign task in Orangescrum.

Here are the steps:

How to create a task

  1. Click ‘+ New Task’ button at the top left of the dashboard

  2. Switch to the ‘Project’ desired

  3. Enter the title of the task

  1. Then click ‘More’ to specify task details

    • Choose ‘Task Type’, select a ‘Due Date’, specify ‘Assigned To’ and set ‘Priority’
    • Describe your task
    • Upload project files from local system or share it from ‘Google Drive’ and ‘Dropbox’
    • Select ‘MIlestone’ from the list if it applies
    • In the email notification option, select the project members who you want to receive the notification
  2. Then hit ‘Post’ button, to update it on the dashboard as well as send email notification to the project members.

 To create a quick task,

Press [N] >> type in task title >> Press [Enter]


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