How Orangescrum can Help IT Firms

OS for IT firms
Disruptive technologies have changed the way we communicate today only to mark increased need of a single platform to do so.

And a lack of one makes it overwhelmingly difficult when we deal with multiple projects, geo-distributed customers, stakeholders and teams.

IT managers and Project managers across the globe are caught performing the balancing act between delivery, agility and communication.

How we wish, we had a single pane of view that provides with real-time project progress, resource management, communication and approvals at lightning speed, accurate time tracking & invoicing and end to end visibility and control on the project execution.

How Orangescrum can benefit IT Industries:

  • Create and Manage projects & Collaborate with teams using refined workflows that enable higher productivity
  • Share and validate information effectively to avoid project delays
  • Visually track progress using the Kanban view – who’s doing what, what’s been accomplished and what needs to be done next
  • Track Time of your project team and manage them efficiently.
  • Automate similar projects without wasting time
  • Improved time and task management with the “Daily Catch-up” feature enabling auto reminders and updates
  • Deep dive into your project data with our various analytics methods to increase productivity
  • Review and Share project status with your clients and stakeholders in real-time
  • Automatic time tracking and invoicing

Every technology project involves some amount of uncertainty. Orangescrum lets you  estimate a realistic schedule, execute flawlessly and deliver comprehensively.

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