Feature Announcement (2015): “Time Log” (Infographic)

Blog_images_0527_v1 (1) “Time is what we want most, but utilize worst” By William Penn

Based on the above inspiration & invaluable feedback  from our esteemed customers, Team Orangescrum have come up the latest feature  named  “Time Log”.

Track your work with respect to time – Save time while using Orangescrum

This feature facilitates you to log time spent for each task accomplished by each developer and thereby tracking time spent for the project. Eventually, you can generate report with all the details, including billable/non-billable hours put into project(s).

Excited to know how to do this? Here you go through the infographic below:

OS_0603_Timelog_v8 (1)

What Next?

We envision making ORANGESCRUM a trailblazer, we’re working on top of it to improvise all the time. The relevant upcoming features include, exporting reports in CSV, PDF format.

Can’t wait to try it out?

Get in and explore it now, we’re sure you will love it?

 Collaborative Project Management Made Easy. Pretty neat!

Appreciate your feedback, ideas and suggestions below, which are extremely important and valuable for us.

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