Product Update: Enhanced Task List view

Product Update Enhanced Task List view

Customer feedback is the only constant!

One good thing about 2020 was more and more customer interactions and feedback calls @Orangescrum.

There was a significant rise in the number of customers who wanted to make Orangescrum the best version of itself and unleash its potential at full throttle.

There were a lot of positive feedback that led to performance optimization, minor tweaks to existing features and user experience optimization.

Our task list and subtask view are the most loved and of course the most used pages.

We decided to revisit the look of the existing task list page and make it furthermore modern.

Here is a glimpse of the upcoming task list view

Task list view beforeTask List View AfterAs a result December 2020 was dedicated to optimization and customer feedbacks only!

Some notable enhancements that has set the tone for Q1 2021 at Orangescrum are

Stay tuned to these exciting releases in the coming weeks!

Till then, continue to use Orangescrum and keep sharing your valuable inputs!

As always, we cannot THANK YOU enough!

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I feel like the changes I have requested in Orangescrum have been added pretty much instantly. As soon as I hit send on the email, their team works to get the new feature or enhancement added as soon as they can. It’s truly unlike any other experience I’ve had as a former Project Manager and a current CEO.

Hayley Turner, Founder & CEO, Michigan, United States

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