Dropbox and Google Drive File Sharing – now in Orangescrum!

With the Orangescrum ‘Dropbox’ and ‘Google Drive’ integration, sharing project files with your team has become super easy. You can now attach files to tasks directly from cloud storage instead of using Orangescrum’s limited storage space. This service lets you bring project docs anywhere and share them with your team.

When it comes to storing data, cloud storage is quickly becoming the method of choice. Cloud solutions are more scalable, efficient and the customer will only pay for what is needed.

What you get from Dropbox and Google Drive integration:

  • When you attach a file from Dropbox or Google Drive, the file is not uploaded to Orangescrum, it is simply linked to the cloud storage
  • no more managing files from multiple locations
  • Trim down Orangescrum storage usage

Steps to share files from ‘Dropbox’ and ‘Google Drive’

  • Go to ‘New Task’, click ‘Dropbox’ or ‘Google Drive’, then login to your account
  • Select your project files and hit ‘Choose
  • Select project members, then click ‘Post’ in the task drop down
  • Team members can access the file (linked to ‘Dropbox’ or ‘Google Drive’) in the task


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