Dos and Don’ts for Employees Working Remotely

Dos and Don'ts for Employees Working Remotely

2020 has been all about remote work and remote team management. Not all of us were ready to deal with the remote work culture. The tech industry did have some upper hand as they already had some remote work setup and culture.

But for the majority of the companies remote work or home employees weren’t ever a priority or part of their overall operations strategy.

Remote team productivity has been the top priorities for companies across sectors to ensure they run their operations business as usual and support their customers more than ever.

Working from Home

As with companies, even the employees had to make radical shifts in the way they used to work and communicate with the team. Employees were waking up to the reality of no hallway or water cooler discussions, in-person meetings and shoulder tap requests.

There was an immediate impact in productivity when teams started to work remotely and adjust their schedules, technology and home office setup.

However, remote teams have been around for a while and here is how remote work grew over the past decade.

Dos and Don'ts for Employees Working Remotely


Remote work has been a way of life for all of us for a large part of 2020. And it has been challenging being home all the time, getting to work with the nuances of remote work at first and then being unable to unplug from work.

Effective collaboration and communication has been the only way out to stay on top of our work, interact with our teams and ensure productivity at optimum levels just as in office.

The key is to ensure that a proper home office is set up and is made as non-disruptive as possible just as if you were at work. Find what works for you the most. If you need to be in your official attire to get going. So be it. Get ready and step into your home office all decked up.

Plan your work schedule (hours) well to accommodate any medical emergencies, take care of impacted family members and friends. The benefit is since you are at home; you can choose your work hours, make a plan and share your availability with the team to ensure dependent tasks aren’t delayed.

More importantly as a business leader, project manager or team member make sure to use centralized project management & collaboration software.

How do you communicate and work with your remote teams today?

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