Bridging the Communication Gap in Your Organization Using Orangescrum

Bridging the Communication Gap in your Organization using Orangescrum
Have you ever thought? If there are communication gap among the team and customer project manager, what could be the impact. The productivity goes down and things are meshy. Everyone starts blaming the other affecting the trust factor. Once the relationships suffers it would bring loss to business.

The main aim of Orangescrum is to keep everyone on the same page.

Reply to Task via Email

The interface integrates with the respective emails such that if a task is posted on a project, all the stakeholders involved in the project will receive the message in their email inbox and they can reply from their email without having to logging into Orangescrum. This makes sure that all are in the loop about the project progresses. This is very useful especially when you’re on a mobile device and you just need to reply an email without having to logging into Orangescrum over a slow internet connection.


Daily Catch-up Email

Orangescrum sends a reminder email to the team members at the end of the day, reminding them to send today’s updates. Your team can just hit an reply to that reminder email and the reply will be posted as a Daily Update on Orangescrum. You just need to configure the Daily Catch-up Email by selecting a project, team members and the reminder time.


Orangescrum serves as a great tracking tool and helps to keep all the efforts trained towards the successful completion of your projects.

Do you have some suggestions? Go ahead and send us a feedback while using Orangescrum by clicking on the Feedback button at top left near the logo. We’d love to hear from you.

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